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Who could tell that a city bus can be a perfect place for having rough gay public sex?! For these horny fellas it damn sure is and they are not wasting their time when it comes to fucking. All they want is to empty those balls and fill each others’ bums with a lot of sperm. They are riding on a city bus like their lives depend on it and that is what it is the most fascinating about them. Super hard sex is not hard enough for them at all!

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Big muscular guy fucked on a city bus

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The driver of this city bus is their friend and that is why they were able to have gay public sex while there were no passengers. The big dude is called Dave and it is really hard to assume that he is gay in the first place but there is nothing he likes more than feeling a massive boner up his tight shaved bum. This time he is having gay public sex and riding a hard shaft with pleasure while his penis is bouncing up and down in a perfect rhythm…

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His shaved bum needs a thick dick on the gay city bus

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When Ed gets horny, he doesn’t care about the time and place, all he wants is to have gay public sex and this time he was on a city bus when suddenly felt like having wild anal gay sex with his boyfriend. He simply had to feel his fat pulsating tool deep inside of his tight ass. That was only a small part of the gay public sex action and the city bus was like their stage. Everyone was looking at them and some of the passengers even started jerking off.

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Gagging on a long dick on a city bus

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There is something exciting about gay public sex that is making every twink super horny and it is very hard for them to resist the temptation especially when a bus is empty. There are no other people on the city bus and it is a perfect opportunity for these horny guys to have gay public sex and suck each others’ cocks deep. It is obvious that they are giving their best to finish as soon as possible since they are eager to cum real hard and really quickly.

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Riding a fat boner on a city bus

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Imagine how it feels like for these hunks having gay public sex on a city bus. It is amazing how brave they are but the fact that anyone can see them is making their cocks even harder and ready for a cum explosion. One of them is moving his hips in all directions while riding a stiff schlong. That is only one of the positions during gay public sex that he loves and he is hoping to get his fuck hole filled with a lot of man juice in the end.

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